About Us


Founded in Ankara in 1987 as an independent publishing company, Bileşim went on with its operations in İstanbul as of 1990. During its first years of foundation, it published catalogues which included analyses of various industrial sectors of Turkey.
In 1992, ‘Automation in Turkey and the World’, the first magazine by Bileşim, was published. The Automation Magazine was followed by 3e Electrotech (1994) and MakinaTek (1995) respectively. In later years, Görünüm (1998), Construction World (1998) and Tourism World (1998) magazines also started to be published by the group. Bileşim proved its leading position in B2B publishing with new titles in the early 2000’s: Chemistry Technologies (2001), BEST Building Electrical-Electronic Systems and Technologies (2001), Architect’s World (2005), Paint World (2005) and Paint Technologies (2005).
As of the year 2009, Bileşim publishes Automation, 3e Electrotech, Makinatek, BEST (Building Electronic Systems and Technologies), Construction World and Tourism World magazines.