Bileşim Yayıncılık ve Fuarcılık A.Ş

Bileşim A.Ş. was founded as an independent publishing company in 1987. Otomasyon, 3e Electrotech, Makinatek, BEST, Construction World and Tourism World magazines, which are currently published by Bileşim, are the primary channels of communication through which we serve professionals of the relevant sectors. These magazines have been regularly and uninterruptedly published for years now. As of 2013, all of our magazines have been made available in difital format as well. those who wish to acess them can now read these magazines on their computers and mobile devices.


Construction World

Construction World, the oldest magazine in Turkey on construction which has recently received a new design and content, acknowledges ensuring international development of the construction and building sector, the leading sector of Turkey, as a primary mission. Constantly improving its years of uncompromised publication quality, it strives to attain this goal. Keep following Construction World, which utilizes the full extent of advantages digital publishing has to offer In this sense.

Makinatek Magazine

Makinatek magazine focuses on contributing to development and growth of the machinery manufacturing industry of Turkey and strives to display the advancing profile of the sector.

Tourism World

Prestigious enough to stand as the "one and only" magazine on tourism economy and investments in Turkey in terms of macro and actual economy magazineism, Tourism World is the leading magazine of the sector and gathers tourism investments and supplier counterparts together on a single platform. Having succeeded in providing a clearer view of the agenda in the tourism sector with its analyses, Tourism World offers provides professional reader with more refined content with its B2B publishing.

Automation Magazine

Automation Magazine is the first and longest lasting magazine on automation in Turkey. In 1992, the magazine was launched with the motto "Let's Automate All Factories in Turkey" and adopted the mission of informing Turkish industry circles on automation. The objective of this magazine is to immediately inform readers about the latest developments around the world and in Turkey while acting as a guide that ensures accurate and profitable automation investments.

Best Magazine

Best Magazine is the the first and only magazine to have gathered together building control, comfort and security systems under one discipline. Best Magazine strives to provide an outlook of activities performed by all firms which operate in the field of building electronic systems and technologies. Its mission is to ensure advancement in the sector by acting as a bridge between firms and customers.

3e Electrotech

3e Electrotech Magazine is a sectoral publication that concentrates on the sectors of energy, electricity and electronics. This publication of ours aims to inform professionals and corporations operating in the field of energy, electricity and electronics about the latest methods adopted around the country, new products introduced to the sector and standard modernization in addition to guiding them in terms of selecting systems, devices and equipment which are suitable for their circumstances.